Phillipsburg Opportunity Zone

Investing in our community spurs economic development in the Lehigh Valley.

Introducing the Phillipsburg Opportunity Zone. 

Why Phillipsburg, New Jersey?

Phillipsburg and Easton Real Estate provide both the benefits from the Opportunity Zones tax incentives as well as a story of growth fueled by the location to natural resources. It is a combination of cultural, historic, natural and economic development. The fundamentals are sound with the added services of a cooperative state, county and local government, the package is complete. 

Benefits of Eco-Tourism?

Each designated Opportunity Zone has a "hook" used to attract investors. Shopping, transportation and medical services account for many areas.  One issue is the long-term sustainability taking into account the migration of households in and out of metropolitan areas.  Eco-Tourism is sustainable over time. History and the ability for residents and visitors to take advantage of our surroundings will always be in demand. Issued construction and repair permits are trending up over the last 10 months as more people are discovering the same model as was created between Lambertville, NJ and New Hope PA.  A partnership to tourism as a funding source. Easton has already accomplished many of the goals with Phillipsburg ready to follow the great work across the river.   

Why invest in Opportunity Funds here?

New businesses are moving ahead with the recent openings of the Invertase Brewing Company as well as plant-based restaurant , Eureka. Walking traffic to the train excursion by the Delaware River Railroad Excursions in winter, spring, summer or fall, there are events for the whole family. All destination businesses.

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Reinvested capital gains are deferred from taxation until exit from a Qualified Opportunity Fund or December 31, 2026, whichever comes first. However, the original gains reinvested in Qualified Opportunity Fund investments held for the long term are taxed at reduced rates, with taxable gains discounted by 10% at the 5-year mark and by an additional 5% discount at the 7-year mark. Any new gains from Qualified Opportunity Fund investments held for at least 10 years will be permanently excluded from the capital gains tax.

Our Mandate - Riverfront on the Delaware River


Not every Opportunity Zone is able to provide the growth necessary to create a sustainable environment. Phillipsburg and Easton are uniquely situated for community development driving economic growth. 

Current Value

Phillipsburg, New Jersey offers substantial returns that require improvements equal to the Opportunity Zone Fund’s initial investment into the existing property over a 30-month period.

Maximized Value

Economies are improving by bringing visitors to the Lehigh Valley supporting Eco-tourism in Phillipsburg and local attractions. New businesses continue to open combined with refurbished apartments.


Phillipsburg and Easton town government are excited to be part of the economic development,  able to provide permitting, code and marketing for your project. 

Lehigh Valley represents one of the largest economic development opportunities in the nation. Phillipsburg, New Jersey remains one of the few Opportunity Zones where the cost of real estate has not been inflated compared to local regions with Easton, Pennsylvania only 400 feet across the Delaware River.

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