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The Zone

 Founded in 2019

8,700 census tracts have been designated as Qualified Opportunity Zones across the United States. One of those areas in New Jersey covers a majority of the Town of Phillipsburg, the only town in Warren County to be granted such a designation.  Across the Delaware River, Easton, Pennsylvania is also an Opportunity Zone. 

Our mandate is to identify properties within the Lehigh Valley within the Phillipsburg and Easton Opportunity Zones that offer investors real properties or Opportunity Zone Businesses that meet all of the requirements for capital gain forgiveness. In order for a project to qualify it must be purchased within a Qualified Opportunity Fund. The property must show an increase in the value of 100% within the first 30 months after acquisition and 50% of all revenue must be generated from within the Opportunity Zone. 

Phillipsburg Opportunity Zone Fund 

Our Vision

Grow the Qualified Opportunity Fund by attracting investors, developers and owner-occupants that are in a position to benefit from the tax relief associated with holding real assets for a period of 10-years maximizing the tax advantage in a sustainable environment fueled by Eco-Tourism on the Delaware River. 

After selling an asset such as stocks or bonds, real estate, or interest in a partnership, an investor usually triggers a capital gain. These investors can receive special tax benefits by rolling their gain into the Phillipsburg Opportunity Zone Fund. 

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